Accelerated Business Development in CT Utilizing TIP

Speaker: Jerry Salan, Nalas Engineering


Virtual Biotech Journey

Speaker: Dr. Paresh Soni, Alexion


Nature’s Fingerprint/ MIT LLC: Expert Detectives of Nature’s Labels in Biopharmaceutical Products

Speaker: Dr. John Jasper


Discovering New Medicines with a Novel Drug Target – PDE8

Speakers: Dr. Stefan Brocke, Dr. Paul Epstein & Dr. Kyle Hadden, UCONN


BIOARRAY: A Start-up Story – Increasing Treatment Success Rates Through Personalized Medicine

Speaker: Dr. Marcia Fournier


SystaMedic: A Novel Cause-Effect Analysis Platform for Predicting Probability of R&D Program Success

Speaker: Dr. Bob Volkmann


Cornovus Pharmaceuticals: Novel Treatment for Heart Failure

Speakers: Dr. Julie Olson & Dr. James Hey


Meet and Greet at the Town of Branford


AlloMek: A Modern Business Model for Funding Preclinical R&D

Speaker: Dr. Uday Khire


Cheminpharma: Connecticut Synthetic Chemistry Start-Up Uses a Practical Business Model to Develop Drugs

Speaker: Dr. Uday Khire


Temperature Controlled Packaging: A New, Holistic Approach to Packaging Optimization and Cost Management

Speaker: Susan Li, UPS


Pursuing a Cure for Cancer with Intensity Therapeutics

Speaker: Lew Bender


Smpl Bio: Bioinformatics For Targeted Genomics

Speakers: Dr. Craig Nelson & James Lindsay


Biotech, Business & Branford

Speaker: Michael Hyde, The Jackson Laboratory


Isoplexis: Detecting and Clarifying Complex Single Cell Immunological Data For Patients and Clinicians

Speakers: Sean Mackay & Dr. Rong Fan


Vesselon: Surviving Strokes

Speakers: Rhodemann Li & Clay Larsen


The Bigger Bang Theory: Non-Dilutive Funding

Speaker: Dr. Michael Salgaller, Conafay Group


Novogen: A University-Public Company Joint Venture Success Story

Speaker: Dr. Graham Kelly


CaroGen: Utilizing a Transformative Platform Technology to Develop “Super Vaccines” for Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Speaker: Dr. Bijan Almassian


LambdaVision: Harnessing Years of Research to Repair Vision

Speaker: Dr. Nicole Wagner