Farmington-based CaroGen Corp., an emerging immunotherapy company, has formed a consortium with the University of Connecticut and Yale University School of Medicine scientists to speed up development of a Zika vaccine. The consortium is comprised of key experts, including Yale Professor John Rose, a world renowned virologist and chairman and scientific advisor of CaroGen; Dr. Paulo Verardi, associate professor of pathology at UConn and an opinion leader in vaccine research; and a team of vaccine development experts at CaroGen … more

CaroGen is also developing a therapeutic vaccine for treatment of patients with colon cancer. CaroGen’s proprietary technology platform will be applied to a specific target studied by UConn Health’s Dr. Kepeng Wang Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Immunology. CaroGen will support this effort with a $70,000 grant to Dr. Wang, and his collaborator Dr. Anthony T. Vella, Ph.D., Professor and Boehringer Ingelheim Chair in Immunology, who will aid in the development of this platform … more