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Supreme Court to Hear the Only Patent Case of the 2014/15 Term This Week

The Supreme Court is currently scheduled to take on only one patent case this upcoming term. On October 15th, the Court will hear oral arguments in Teva Pharm. USA, Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc., No. 13-854. This is an appeal dealing with important issues of patent claim construction. The central question before the Court is whether a district court’s factual findings on claim construction may be reviewed de novo by the Federal Circuit. This rather light Supreme Court patent docket is in sharp contrast to the six patent cases the Court heard during the 2013-14 term, and even compared to the [...]

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Pacific Pact Could Hurt Drug Innovation, Drug Makers

This month, negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership resume in Australia. Officials from the United States and 11 other major economies are meeting to settle the final details of the trade pact, with the hope of passing the final deal by year's end. The particulars of the agreement could have a massive impact on the Connecticut economy. One contentious issue is the intellectual property rights afforded pharmaceutical firms. These businesses play an essential role in our state economy. Without sufficiently strong intellectual property protection, the drug industry would be unable to continue its innovative work to develop new drug products. Local workers [...]

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