Micro-biome Receives Macro-funding from White House Initiative

Over the past year our firm has been reporting on major intellectual property developments and the R&D and commercialization efforts in the microbiome. The importance of this scientific area for bringing new drug therapies to the marketplace has now been given a big shot in the arm by the US government. On Friday, May 13, the White House launched a public-private coalition “to foster the integrated study of microbiomes across different ecosystems.” This expansive R&D effort comes with $121 million of funding from the federal government, with another $100+ million of investments from academia and the private sector. The National [...]

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Dr. Susan Froshauer & Dr. Anthony Sabatelli to Attend the 2016 BIO Legislative Day Fly-In

Dr. Anthony Sabatelli of Dilworth IP will join Dr. Susan Froshauer CEO of CURE (Connecticut United for Research Experience) for the 2016 BIO Legislative Day Fly-In on April 12th and 13th in Washington D.C. This annual event gives biotechnology executives from across the country the opportunity to discuss the most important legislative issues currently facing their industry with Members of Congress. All who attend the Fly-in will be provided with an intense legislative briefing before visiting Capitol Hill for their scheduled congressional meetings. The agenda for this year’s event will include topics involving National Institutes of Health research funding, the [...]

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Regional Forums with Department of Economic and Community Development and the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc.

Regional Forums Learn how the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc. are working together to help businesses grow in Connecticut. Commissioner Catherine Smith will introduce the regional point of contact from DECD and discuss the state’s new initiatives to fuel job growth – while CERC will present an overview of new business and municipal resources for economic growth.  The event will also provide an opportunity for Q&A and a discussion on how we can further work together to foster economic development success. Who should attend: companies, developers, chamber associates and economic development professionals [...]

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Oncoimmunology and the next steps forward for cancer immunotherapy

One of the most exciting fields in all of biomedical research right now is oncoimmunology. The premise has been around for decades, and on the surface it is simple: Get a cancer patient’s immune system to recognize cancer cells as foreign, as they do a virus or bacterium, and mount a response to kill them. Indeed, recent advances in both cancer and immunology research have led to some spectacular successes in the field, with certain aggressive cancers stopped in their tracks or even eliminated by a provoked or unleashed immune response. But cancer is a difficult foe, and immunology is [...]

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BostonCIO on What Medicine Teaches us about Good IT Security

In a recent two part article, BostonCIO's Life Sciences Practice Lead, Lars Kielhorn, outlines what companies have to do to maintain their IT health by making a thought-provoking comparison between medicine and IT. Part 1 explores similarities between medical threats to an individual’s health and technical threats to an organization’s security. More -> Part 2 prescribes a comprehensive "treatment protocol" to maintain the IT health of your organization. More ->

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CURE Innovation Commons to Open Doors Mid-May

Right now we are buzzing with excitement. Renovations on the 12 wet laboratories, 19 offices, 2 conference rooms, co-working and event spaces are near completion and our doors will be wide open in mid-May.  Applications (click here) are being accepted now for spaces ranging from co-working/bench space to private offices and laboratories!  We have a good number of tenants ready to move in. CURE Innovation Commons is Connecticut’s newest incubator for life science and healthcare technology entrepreneurs, scientists, start-ups and emerging growth companies to develop ideas and build businesses in a collaborative, vibrant community setting. The 22,000 square foot facility will offer a unique blend of [...]

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Jackson Laboratory Hosts Microbiome Symposium Related to Cancer and Immunology

Early last month, the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, CT held its second annual symposium, “Microbiome Meets Cancer and Immunology.” This year’s event came on the heels of the formation of the Unified Microbiome Initiative (UMI), a consortium of microbiome researchers from across the country that includes JAX Professor and Director for Microbial Genomics George Weinstock. Because the goal of this blog series is to highlight advancements in microbiome research and development, previous articles in the series have tended to focus on the most well-studied and commercially-advanced areas of microbiome research. However, not only can bacteria in the [...]

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The Ghost of Christmas Patents

Christmas is the biggest holiday in my family.  We spend a lot of time putting up decorations, but the most time of all is devoted to decorating the Christmas tree.  For me personally, it’s a uniquely special time because I find myself reflecting on Christmases past with absent family I very much miss, and Christmases when my own children (13 and 17) were very young.  It wakes me up to the magic of this year’s Christmas, and how wonderful it is to have loved ones close.  It makes me grateful. I have noticed in recent Christmases that words escape my [...]

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Full Fed. Cir. Nixes Sequenom Patent Eligibility Request

Posted December 02, 2015, 10:35 A.M. ET on Bloomberg BNA By Tony Dutra The full membership of the Federal Circuit will not rehear a three-judge panel's ruling that Sequenom's methods for detecting paternity DNA in a prenatal sample are ineligible for patenting. The life sciences industry had severely criticized the panel's view that the appeals court was bound by U.S. Supreme Court precedent. One brief supporting en banc review cited a “dark cloud overshadowing thousands of issued and maintained biotechnology patents.” Only Judge Pauline Newman voted in favor of rehearing, prompting two opinions supporting the decision to decline to rehear [...]

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How Green Screen Technology Improves SEO Ranking and Cuts Video Production Cost

In this video I demonstrate using green screen techniques to reduce the time and expense of creating topic expert, customer testimonial, lab protocol, and marketing videos. I also discuss the added benefits of elevated SEO rankings that you can achieve using video on your company website. Click Here to watch the Video.     By Frank Blackwell Frank Blackwell Productions LLC is a corporate video and photography production studio located in Branford, CT. They work with biotechnology and pharmaceutical corporations, medical device manufacturers, engineering companies, and small businesses using video and photography to reach our client’s target audience in the [...]

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