The Connecticut Coalition on Research Computing (CCRC[1]), a multidisciplinary group formed in 2013, is facilitating a broad consideration of Connecticut’s need for and opportunities to develop collaborative efforts in support of computational research across the research technologies landscape.  The CCRC is now assessing the value of developing a shared center for research computing which will foster a broad, mutually beneficial interaction across both public and private sectors, offer a tiered set of research computing services, and support a high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure.  To date, Yale University, University of Connecticut, University of Bridgeport, Wesleyan University, and The Jackson Laboratory have joined the coalition.  This survey reaches out to potential industry partners in the life and healthcare sciences sector (the bioscience cluster) to gauge their interest in participating in this initiative and the value that they see in its successful development.

A shared research HPC facility has the potential to attract top talent to the state, to generate the intellectual surprise and creativity that connecting industry partners with researchers from top institutions and non-profit organizations often delivers, and to meet critical challenges in a breadth of fields that exploiting advances in Big Data, the Internet of Things[2], and Data Science[3] would deliver.  The very significant economies of scale in HPC mean that the initiative would provide infrastructure to universities and small businesses more effectively and would potentially be a boon to the competitive position of state firms.  Furthermore, this shared computational facility would complement the Department of Economic and Community Development’s (DECD[4]) support of the bioscience cluster and seek to strengthen Connecticut’s position within the East Coast healthcare corridor. Ultimately, bringing the HPC facility to fruition should spur economic growth in Connecticut, improving the competitive position of existing companies, creating new jobs, enriching the Connecticut talent pool, making the state more attractive as a location in which to locate and develop new firms, and increasing the likelihood for novel discoveries.

Please respond to the questionnaire below concerning this important initiative.  Please feel free to add whatever additional comments, insights, or suggestions you may have.