Connecticut United for Research Excellence (CURE) has retained the firm of Rome, Smith & Lutz, a government affairs and lobbying firm, to provide advisory services and legislative outreach in support of CURE’s government advocacy. Rome, Smith & Lutz will work closely with Dr. Susan Froshauer, president and CEO of CURE, and its newly convened government affairs committee.

“CURE continues to build and connect the bioscience and life science communities in Connecticut,” Dr. Froshauer said. “Education and advocacy at the government policy level are critical components of our mission. The committee and I look forward to working with Rome, Smith & Lutz because of their tremendous experience working with legislators and biomedical firms, as well as not-for-profits.”

CURE’s government affairs committee will inform public policy decision-making that has a significant impact on our membership, including such matters as legislation related to research and development and laboratory practices, R&D and angel investor tax credits, bioscience innovation, and regenerative medicine funding. The committee will strive to keep opinion leaders and legislators informed and educated about the rapid pace of change in the bioscience industry. The committee comprises representatives from CURE’s board of directors, the pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors, and the legal community.

Partner Katherine Lutz will lead the Rome, Smith & Lutz team in their support of CURE. Kathie and her colleagues are recognized as knowledgeable, experienced advocates by Connecticut’s elected leaders, officials, and administrators. For over three decades, Rome, Smith & Lutz has worked with clients to identify objectives, develop advocacy strategies, and refine communications to align goals with relevant legislative initiatives.

Anthony Sabatelli, a leader in communicating patent law issues to legislators and USPTO and a partner at Dilworth IP, will spearhead federal outreach for CURE. As a member of the government affairs committee, Anthony will work closely with Rome, Smith & Lutz to assure synergy of action and alignment of state and federal initiatives. The team also includes members with significant experience articulating issues important to the biopharmaceutical industry to our legislators: CURE Directors Frank Marco, Harry Penner, and Richard Jacob.

CURE serves as the bioscience cluster of Connecticut, a diverse community of small and large life and healthcare sciences companies, ranging in scope from therapeutics, to healthcare technology, to medical devices. Universities, government agencies, scientists, educators, mentors, students, entrepreneurs, business experts, service providers, and investors join in to form the breadth of the network. As participants in CURE, we educate, cultivate entrepreneurship, support the build of bioscience companies, and collaborate to ensure a sustainable, high-value bioscience and healthcare community that improves our quality of life and keeps the Connecticut community strong.