CURE submitted written testimony to the Public Health Committee February 24 at the State Capitol in Hartford, requesting that the Committee not move forward with H.B. No. 5270, An Act Concerning the Right to Try Experimental Drugs.

Anthony Sabatelli, Partner at Dilworth IP and Chair of CURE’s Government Affairs Committee, provided the testimony, stating “The Bill is not in the best interest of critically ill patients, the State’s thriving biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, nor the public at large. While this legislation is well-intended, it neglects to consider serious challenges associated with providing access to experimental medicines.”

“This legislation has the potential to undermine the clinical trial process and may jeopardize current on-going clinical trials,” Sabatelli stated. “The best way for patients to access new medicines is for companies to complete their clinical trials and get their drugs approved.”

“Formal legislation is not necessary because some companies already have “expanded access” programs in place so that patients in need, who do not qualify for the company’s clinical trials, but who may benefit from a particular medicine, can access that medicine prior to FDA approval,” Sabatelli stated.