The Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame is a provider of innovative educational programs and tools that inspire women and girls to believe in their unlimited potential. Its work fosters the courage and confidence women need to overcome barriers and advocate on their own behalf … more

Mitotherapeutix LLC is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop products for treatment of diseases that can be targeted by modifying or influencing metabolic pathways in the cell. The company has identified two preclinical drug candidates, one for cancer and the other for liver diseases … more

Phoenix PharmaLabs, Inc. is a preclinical drug discovery company focused on the development of new potent, non-addictive treatments for pain and new therapies for the treatment of opiate addiction. The company has developed a novel family of new opioid molecules that are potent painkillers (10-20x stronger than morphine), but are non-addicting, do not produce withdrawal, do not cause death from overdose (even at 350x dose), and do not cause constipation (even at 100x dose) … more