Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is calling for more funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Joined by representatives of the local biomedical research industry on Monday at CURE member Arvinas in New Haven, DeLauro said she has introduced the Accelerating Biomedical Research Act to affirm “that biomedical research is an important priority.”

Dr. Craig Crews, Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor, Arvinas, said: “For the past 17 years, the NIH has generously supported basic science research … . I am concerned that decreased NIH support in the past few years is negatively impacting the basic research that is needed.”
(Photo left: Dr. Craig Crews, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, CURE president and CEO Dr. Susan Froshauer)
Dr. Crews was the winner of the CURE Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2013. (See video.)

During the press conference, Dr. Susan Froshauer, president and CEO of CURE, pointed out that for the expansion of their drug development pipelines, larger biohpharmaceutical companies rely on NIH-funded basic research at universities, which smaller biotech companies such as Arvinas then translate to new medicines.

“The process from an idea to a new cure takes many years. It is crucial for our drug discovery and development ecosystem that NIH funding be a reliable and sustained government resource,” Dr. Froshauer said.