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You are invited to join us for an introduction to Agent Capital, a biotech venture capital firm based in Boston, focused on investing in novel therapeutics and technology platforms.
The event will include presentations by Agent Capital executives: Preston Noon, Geeta Vemuri, and Marta New. They will give an overview of the new Agent Capital fund and hear pitches by TIP Company executives from:
  • Mitotherapeutix: aims to develop novel therapeutics based on new discoveries in the control of cellular metabolism particularly in key mitochondria regulators. One of the targets that Mitotherapeutix is currently pursuing is MCJ, a key regulator of mitochondria respiration. Mitotherapeutix is actively working in the development of agonists for this molecule to overcome chemo-resistance in breast cancer and many other cancers that demonstrate a poor response to chemotherapy. In parallel, Mitotherapeutix has developed antagonists of MCJ to accelerate mitochondrial metabolism as a strategy to target liver diseases such NAFLD, NASH and cirrhosis. Both cancer chemo-resistance and liver diseases represent enormous unmet medical needs that desperately need solutions.
  • Torigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: focused on providing veterinary cancer solutions for companion animals.  Their product, VetiVax(TM) is a novel, personalized immunotherapy that uses the animals’ own tumor cells to fight cancer. Torigen’s treatment can work for multiple tumor indications treating over 2,000,000 companion animals diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • Quercus Molecular Design (QMD): a UConn-based startup specializing in the rational design of small molecules that simultaneously inhibit multiple essential protein targets to enhance potency and slow the onset of drug resistance. QMD is applying this novel multi-targeting strategy to several drug discovery projects serving anti-cancer, anti-bacteria and anti-viral indications.