Dr. Irina Buhimschi, then a Yale faculty member, found a way to identify patients with preeclampsia via a simple dye-on-paper test. Now a startup based on that discovery called GestVision, led by founder and CEO Wendy Davis, a Yale School of Management alumna, has closed an A round of investment with an initial tranche of $2 million … more

The Yale inventors (now at Ohio State and Nationwide Children’s) presented the first prospective clinical study on the preeclampsia diagnostic last week at the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine national meeting … more

The team at GestVision is looking for office and laboratory space in New Haven, and for additional talent to fill a few different positions: a Director/VP of R&D, with experience in diagnostic assay development, devices, with an eye towards regulatory clearance; a Director/VP Regulatory — Diagnostics; and a part-time Chief Medical Officer for OBGYNs networking, clinical study design and other duties … contact GestVision