Connecticut companies and organizations are sponsoring a booth at this year’s BIO convention in Philadelphia June 15-19. As a Connecticut company attending BIO, you are welcome to make use of this facility.

The booth will include display cases where you can showcase materials, and tables and chairs for impromptu meetings. There will also be raffles and other give-aways of promotional materials. Note: There is limited space available for companies to register as exhibitors. As such, they can make use of the booth without registering for the full BIO convention.

The Connecticut booth is seeking additional sponsors and additional give-away and promotional items. To help out, or to secure your place as an exhibitor, please send an e-mail, including your telephone number, to Dr. Susan Froshauer, president and CEO of CURE, at

In addition, registration at the BIO convention site will give you full access to the presentations and other activities at the convention. Early Bird registration ends April 23. To register, click here.

Current sponsors of the Connecticut booth include CURE, Branford Economic Development, Comcast, Connecticut Innovations, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, The Jackson Laboratory, Yale University, and the University of Connecticut.