LAM Therapeutics, a 4Catalyzer company,  closed a $40 million financing to accelerate the development of therapeutics for the treatment of rare diseases and cancer.

LAM Therapeutics leverages Next Gen sequencing, advances in genome editing, computer science and artificial intelligence to discover and develop medicines faster, with more precision and at a lower cost than conventional approaches.

“Spending a decade and a billion dollars to bring a drug to market is not consistent with global healthcare needs,” said Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, co-founder of LAM Therapeutics. “We built LAM Therapeutics from the ground up to transform the way we develop medicines. We are at an inflection point; DNA sequencing and computer science have both advanced over a million fold since our first attempts to create true genomics-based medicines.”

4Catalyzer is a Connecticut biotechnology startup incubator that with this financing has raised a total of a quarter billion dollars to support its current class of startups.