Medtronic has presented additional data in support of FDA approval of its MiniMed 640G glucose monitor and pump. “Severe hypoglycemia can have devastating effects on people with diabetes,” said lead investigator Dr. Pratik Choudhary. “The more we can do to minimize the impact of hypoglycemia, the better we can make lives of people with diabetes” … more


Separately, Medtronic will commercialize Becton Dickinson’s insulin pump infusion set with FlowSmart technology. Under the collaboration, BD will continue to be in charge of manufacturing the device, which received FDA clearance in April. An application has been submitted for a CE mark, Medtronic said … more


Medtronic has purchased CardioInsight Technologies for $100 million plus undisclosed performance-based contingent payments. CardioInsight’s Ecvue system is designed to create images of the heart’s electrical activity by using electrical data from the body’s surface and combining it with 3-D anatomical data … more