BioPharmaWorks, LLC

1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340

Phone: 860-912-6101

General Information:

BioPharmaWorks, LLC (BPW), founded in 2015, is comprised of former Pfizer scientists, averaging 20+ years of R&D experience ranging from discovery to early development. BioPharmaWorks has a drug discovery portfolio, a proprietary drug combination database and does consultancy work with companies to enhance the value of their patents and products.

Research Activities
BPW’s efforts are focused on three areas of interest. BPW provides consultancy services in Drug Discovery, Pharmacokinetics & Drug Metabolism, Medicinal Chemistry, Prodrug Design & Synthesis, Third Party Analyses, Intellectual Property Law, Biostatistics, Biometrics & Clinical Statistics, Neuropharmacology, Metabolic Disease, Drug Combinations & Computational & Systems Biology. For its drug discovery efforts, BPW identifies indications of unmet medical need and provides proprietary molecules for these indications. Through its network of collaborators and CRO’s, BPW designs, synthesizes, tests and obtains IP on its discoveries. BioPharmaWorks currently has five patents in various stages. Its virtual drug discovery portfolio includes:
1) a Metformin-pantethine combination to treat ovarian cancer/ polycystic ovary syndrome.
2) Well tolerated, abuse-deterrent hydrocodone and oxycodone derivatives for pain. BPW’s drug combination database captures the reported effects (FAERS database) of medicines and medicine combinations and is currently being optimized for the development of a user-friendly app for patients, doctors, pharmacists, nursing homes and single patient providers.