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General Information:

Current surgical techniques to resect cancer are challenged by the lack of a precise method to identify cancerous and noncancerous tissue during surgery. As a result, surgical procedures rely on the experience and judgement of the surgeon to decide how much healthy tissue to remove around the tumor and oftentimes result in additional surgeries to resect all cancerous tissue. CytoVeris has been founded with the vision to develop new optical based ‘guided surgical’ tools to allow surgeons to ID and remove all tumor tissue in real-time during surgical procedures.

CytoVeris is leveraging the convergence of powerful optical technologies, the biology of carcinogenesis, and artificial intelligence to bring innovative real-time cancer visualization capabilities into the hands of surgeons in their new imaging system, TumorMAPTM. The company aims to significantly enhance cancer resection by enabling surgeons to more optimally remove each patient’s cancer in a single surgery and to make this technology available to all providers and their patients, regardless of where they are.

CytoVeris is driven by a passion for science and compassion for cancer patients and is currently exploring other powerful optical technologies which may be utilized across the oncologic spectrum to enhance the quality of surgery and patient outcomes.