CytoVeris, Inc.

Cell and Genomics Sciences Building
400 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06032

Phone: 203-631-1966

General Information:

Current surgical techniques to resect cancer are challenged by the lack of a precise method to identify the ‘margin’ between normal and cancerous tissue during surgery. As a result, surgical procedures rely on the experience and judgement of the surgeon to decide how much healthy tissue to remove around the tumor. CytoVeris has been founded with the vision to develop new optical based ‘guided surgical’ tools to allow surgeons to ID and remove all tumor tissue in real-time during surgical procedures.

CytoVeris’ new OncoMapTM system will assist surgeons in assessing tissue type real-time in inter-operative conditions, using an optical technique known as Raman spectroscopy. This technique has the advantage over most other spectroscopic techniques of providing high molecular specificity – Raman scattering can be considered to give the optical fingerprint of a biomolecule. OncoMapTM will allow surgeons to map out the surface of an excised tumor to verify that they have removed all of the cancer tissue and that there is sufficient margin.

CytoVeris is also developing additional optical approaches that assess biochemical and structural indicators of cancer in the tissue and its micro-environment that will augment the Raman signatures to provide improved specificity and sensitivity.