11 Merwin Street, NB503
Norwalk, CT 06850

Phone: 203-435-1598
Website: https://www.lifesciencesusa.com/

General Information:

I work with biotechnology startup companies to grow revenue. My clients are life science technology providers in biopharma, R&D and healthcare.  The product can be contract services, consumable reagents, platform technologies or medical devices; servicing the R&D, RUO or IVD markets. The types of services that I provide are neatly outlined on my website and include business development, sales & market strategies and VP pitch creation. After working for over 20 years in industry and academic research, I have a wealth of information, contacts and selling experience.

I was trained as a molecular biologist (Monsanto), bioinformatics analyst (Washington Unversity, The Human Genome Project) and researcher doing drug discovery and assay development (PPD Inc.). My business experiences include account management for contract services, instrumentation and reagents (Thermo-Fisher Scientific) and business development for startup technologies (Baker-Ruskinn, Anphasys, Lucerna, and SQI Diagnostics).