Enrich Therapeutics

21 Business Park Drive, Suite 4
Branford, CT 06405

Website: http://enrichtx.com/

Email: inquiry@enrichtx.com

General Information:

Enrich Therapeutics was formed in July 2018 and is focusing on developing a disruptive isolation platform for single cell or any desired cell matrix. Our technology development is being supported with SBIR grant by NIH and this game-changing life science innovation would significantly enhance global cell-related research in both academic as well as industrial settings.  Enrich Therapeutics has completed building the prototype of our unparalleled technology under a pending non-provisional PCT patent. Our team is dedicated on helping global scientists to map all human cells especially tumor cells, therefore impact the understanding of many diseases including cancer in order to obtain better clinical treatment strategies.

Our company currently operates in two separate laboratory spaces within two biotech incubators, BioCT (Groton, CT) and MBI (Worcester, MA), and offer a wide range of custom services to address unmet need in antibody development and drug discovery, e.g. high diversity naïve library engineering, affinity-on-demand binder selection, high viability B-cell isolation and stable cell line generation, etc.

Research Activities:

Enrich Therapeutics received a SBIR phase 1 grant from NIH in June 2019 to expediting the development of this unparalleled single cell capture technology. Our company is conducting and planning a series of scientific projects in collaboration with world class researchers from top-notch academic/industrial organizations. By utilizing our unique LASUM (LCD aided selection under microscope) technology, global cell scientists can achieve affordable, flexible and scalable solutions for critical human antibody selection, single cell level drug discovery as well as therapeutic T cell/stem cell development, etc.