Kleo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

25 Science Park
Suite 2D
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 203-428-4596
Website: http://www.kleopharmaceuticals.com/

General Information:

Kleo Pharmaceuticals is advancing the field of immunotherapy by developing small molecules that emulate biologics. Antibody Recruiting Molecules (ARMs)and Synthetic Antibody Mimics (SyAMs) are designed to direct your immune system to fight specific disease causing cells. They are however much lower in molecular weight than therapeutic antibodies and thereby offer clinicians targeted treatment options that are potentially safer, more effective, and more easily deliverable than their protein-based counterparts. Both ARMs and SyAMs are adaptable platforms that can be deployed against cancer and infectious diseases.

Kleo was formed to transform the pioneering research conducted by Dr. David Spiegel at Yale University into life-saving treatment options for patients. Dr. Spiegel demonstrated in the laboratory how synthetic molecules can be constructed to target disease cells and direct the immune system to destroy them. Kleo holds the master license to this patented technology and is assembling a team of leading early stage investigators, clinicians, and industry professionals to move this innovation into the clinic.