Nanoviricides, Inc.

4 Research Drive
Woodbridge, CT 06525


General Information:

NanoViricides, Inc. is publicly traded (symbol: NNVC). We are developing nanomedicines against viruses. A nanoviricide™ is a nanomedicine that uses virus specific ligands to seek out a given target virus and is designed to be then capable of enveloping the virus particle and dismantling it.

Our drug candidates against bird flu (H5N1) (AviFluCide™), high path influenzas (FluCide-HP™), and common influenzas with high morbidity (FluCide™) have been demonstrated to possess excellent safety and efficacy in cell culture studies as well as in vivo studies. Our BioShield efforts include development of a novel technology that enables minimal stockpiling and yet rapid response against novel (i.e. not previously known) pathogens in the field. Our Preparedness efforts include development of a few highly effective, broad-spectrum nanoviricides that work against different types of viruses, enabling simple stockpiling and supply chain management globally despite terrain, weather, and resources limitations. The nanoviricides technology is capable of attacking many different families of viruses.

Our virus targets also include Hepatitis C, HIV, Herpes Simplex, as well as neglected tropical diseases of global importance such as Rabies, Dengue virus, Rift Valley virus, West Nile virus, among others.