Pattern Genomics

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General Information:

Pattern Genomics develops high-performance bioinformatics software. Our proprietary Daydreamer software platform analyzes hundreds of genomes simultaneously for optimal, effortless in silico molecular assay design. On behalf of our clients we have built unique molecular diagnostics and novel software platforms for mass spectrometry and next-generation DNA sequence analysis. Pattern Genomics was founded in 2012 by alumni of Curagen, Roche / 454, and Celera Genomics.

Research Activities
At Pattern Genomics we believe that next-generation DNA sequencing requires next-generation bioinformatics.  Today’s sequencing studies are multi-sample and multi-omic, and therefore ill-suited to the old paradigm of mapping one sequence at a time against a reference and calling variants. Pattern Genomics is dedicated to the creation of novel high-performance data analysis tools built specifically to find meaningful patterns in the big data created by modern sequencing studies.