Red Thread Spaces

300 East River Drive
East Hartford, CT 06108

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General Information:

We help transform workplaces to engage employees and support their best work by integrating furniture, technology, and architectural systems. We are agents of change for workplace transformation. Workplace transformation is the rethinking of workspaces to meet evolving work styles and technology for a new hybrid workplace. It’s what’s going to attract your employees back to the office, fuel innovation and creativity, and foster connections to strengthen your workplace culture. It’s creating flexible spaces that deliver an equitable experience for everyone, no matter where they are working. It’s providing a variety of different work modes through the day for focusing, collaborating, learning and socializing. And it’s thoughtfully integrating furniture, technology and architectural systems to bring all the elements together.

Since the start of the pandemic, organizations have been impacted dramatically. See how we’ve reimagined the office to meet evolving employee needs and how we can help you.