55 Whitney Ave, 2nd Floor
New Haven, CT 06510

Phone: 909-297-9206

General Information:

Revai Health is a medical device company founded in New Haven, CT with a novel technology platform for preserving organs donated for transplant. The aim of this technology is to ensure that transplant recipients receive the highest quality organ possible. Better organs inevitably lead to better transplant outcomes, higher patient quality of life, and lower healthcare costs.

Of all the organs, intestines are the most prone to damage once removed from the donor. They contain a lot of bacteria and are sensitive to loss of blood supply. Our first product, the Intestinal Preservation Unit (IPU), addresses this problem by circulating a nutrient-rich solution through the intestine to maintain quality during transportation from donor to trans-plant recipient.

Revai Health is a spin out from Yale University. The founding team represents a multi-disciplinary collaboration between management, engineering, and medicine.