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General Information:

SomaLogic’s mission is to transform healthcare by unlocking protein biomarker discovery. We have developed next generation protein-binding reagents that allow us to sensitively and reproducibly measure over 1100 proteins over 8 logs of concentration simultaneously from <100ul of plasma, serum or other complex biological matrices. Our median CV is 5.1% and our lower limit of detection is 40fM (1.6pg/ml); providing visibility into the crucial lowly-abundant proteins that other technologies cannot see in a highly multiplexed assay. Our modified-aptamer based reagents, SOMAmers, are also available as individual reagents for a wide range of applications, and we can use our reagent creation engine to build custom high-affinity protein binding reagents for our clients. We offer our SOMAscan protein biomarker discovery assay primarily as a service, and we are also looking for academic centers of excellence as early access centers for our transformative protein biomarker discovery platform.