Sound Analytics, LLC

16 Liberty Way
Niantic, CT 06357

Phone: 860-739-8044

General Information:

Sound Analytics develops software and hardware products and custom software solutions for high-throughput bio-analytical mass spectrometry. Sound Analytics frequenlty collaborates with leading pharmaceutical research groups in the area of early ADME and drug discovery to provide custom solutions tailored to the organization’s specific needs. Sound Analytics also is the creator of a software product, DiscoveryQuant, which is licensed and distributed worldwide throught a mass spectrometer vendor.

The focus of our software is to enable research scientists to increase their productivity and efficiency. We accomplish this through improvements to their workflows and by providing the ability to share and utilize critical information throughout an organization. Our hardware focus is to provide a high-speed, flexible and extremely reliable sample delivery system for traditional LC/MS.

Sound Analytics’ goal is to provide overall solutions that lead to increased throughput of compound screening, improved information sharing, and reduced operating costs due to maximizing the organization’s currently available hardware investments.