The Luxi Group

270 Niles Rd
New Hartford, CT

Phone: 860-778-8249

General Information:

The Luxi Group helps CEOs, Start Ups and Innovators, and Mid to Large Size Organizations in med tech meet milestones, increase profits, and reach peak performance by helping navigate industry burdens and tap into or transform the excellence in their culture.

With two decades of experience supporting hundreds of companies, The Luxi Group, helps clients uncover new ways to relieve stress, navigate obstacles, and develop strategies to reach goals quickly and increase profits. We bring strategy, development and high-powered training to help our clients build the right teams, both internally and with strategic partnerships, develop realistic plans that prioritize key initiatives and integrate quality and regulatory compliance into effective business solutions.

At The Luxi Group our clients, including engineers and leaders, expand influence, increase clarity and effectiveness in communications, and raise engagement of key stakeholders. We help leaders leverage talent for authentic innovation, increased profit and accelerated success in reaching milestones that leap them to market quicker, better, and with repeatable success systems.