Vistara Bioscience

1 Bradley Road – Suite 401
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Phone: 901-598-1001

General Information:

Vistara Bioscience is developing proteomics processes and bioinformatics for detecting networks of proteins and accessory factors which are in close collaboration with proteins of clinical interest. The networks serve as biomarker panels to follow along the drug discovery process, and additionally, may suggest combinatorial targets or new ones. Vistara expects to offer Services to pharma and biotech partners for drug discovery, candidate profiling, and molecular phenotyping applications with initial focus in Oncology, Infectious Diseases and CNS disease areas.

Research Activities
In the discovery mode, Vistara employs Mass spectroscopy for global analyses of proteins directly from cells used in drug discovery. This strategy preserves cell type-specific modifications of proteins and their network partners, and may reveal domains involved in interactions. Vistara is currently applying the technology for molecular phenotyping of candidate drugs in the clinic for B cell lymphoma.