The Entrepreneur of the Year Award was established by CURE and Shipman & Goodwin LLP to acknowledge the importance of showcasing unique accomplishments of technology entrepreneurs in our scientific community. We seek to recognize individuals who are imaginative, passionate, and game-changers in Connecticut bioscience and whose accomplishments would be heralded outside of Connecticut.

Nominations are being accepted through November 1. If you know of an innovator who meets the award criteria (see below), kindly submit her/his credentials via the online nomination form at the CURE website, or via e-mail to

Selection Criteria

The award will be given to an outstanding innovator who has:
  1. demonstrated leadership in advancing the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs applied to real-world problems;
  2. built and funded a sustainable/disruptive business model for a company based in biotechnology, healthcare information technology, life sciences, medical devices or pharmaceuticals;
  3. made exceptional contributions to the growth of Connecticut’s bioscience cluster;
  4. demonstrated collegiality, openness to mentoring, sharing of experiences; and
  5. made a contribution visible outside of Connecticut.