CURE bioscience clubhouse event on 28th April provided a platform to Vesselon Inc. to highlight the significance of pre-hospital treatment for stroke victims. Stroke is a “brain attack” that occurs due to insufficient blood supply to the brain cells and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In mere “six seconds” death occurs due to stroke, even if one escapes death, disability is inevitable, compromising the victim’s quality of life forever. This overwhelming statistical figure provides Vesselon Inc. with a sense of purpose and their mission is to cure a stroke victim within the golden hour after the attack has taken place.

Vesselon is a pre-clinical stage company; they have a unique AED device that can combine acoustic waves and micro bubbles to dissolve blood clots hence, provide pre-hospital stroke treatment. This technology is licensed with UC San Deigo and to expand its applicability as well as to provide urgent care Vesselon further has acquired the worldwide license for the use of an ultrasound device to cure stroke. Their initiative promises to largely reduce the health care costs as long-term treatment and rehabilitation can be compensated.

The statistical figures are overpowering, only 5% of the victims reach the emergency care in time and are treated, even after treatment the FDA approved drug, tPA (trans plasminogen activator) for ischemic stroke, is known to cause symptomatic bleeding. Thus, largely ischemic stroke remains uncured and a victim’s quality of life is compensated. The rest 95% of patients are left untreated as they lose their battle against time. CEO, Clay Larsen, claims we can win this race against time if we can provide affordable treatment in the emergency vehicles and further states this is the driving force behind the launch of their medical device company. Vesselon wants to target the use of their device within the golden hour after the attack, at the pre-hospitalization stage, by a trained paramedic.

Behind their mission statement is an experienced team lead by founder Rhodamenn Li who is well versed with start-up’s, medical device companies and Clay Larsen, has an extensive background in the ultrasound device area. Together, they are aware they will, likely face delays, setbacks, or rejection and strongly believe a greater sense of purpose will help them sustain under pressure. A sense of why they are doing what they are doing, will guide them to overcome just about any challenge ahead and most certainly, they have provided the medical world with a ray hope by their novel approach!