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Affinimark Technologies, Inc.

300 George Street
Suite 561
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 203-676-3676

Harry H. Penner, Jr. –

General Information
Affinimark Technologies, Inc. is a life sciences firm focused on developing rapid response, lateral flow-based devices for the diagnosis of severe medical conditions. The Company’s proposed products are intended to be simple to use, furnish nearly immediate results, and deliver impressive accuracy. Affinimark intends to accomplish this by engineering products that use highly selective and specific antibodies that react strongly and readily to antigens specific to targeted conditions.

Research Activities
Affinimark’s first diagnostic under development, called Cerebrostrip, is designed to detect the existence of cerebrospinal fluid (“CSF”) leaks in a wide variety of circumstances, both civilian and military. CSF leaks, which represent a breach of the blood brain barrier, are caused by an extensive variety of events, and bring about a significant threat of meningitis infection. Contributing to these leaks and Cerebrostrip’s potential $400 million-plus annual U.S. market are over four million epidural administrations, 1.5 million cases of head trauma, a similar number of neuro and sinus surgeries, and the prospect of outfitting combat troops and support personnel with the device. Unlike the current prevailing technology, Cerebrostrip would provide on-the-spot diagnosis of a CSF leak through the use of a diagnostic device that operates much like a pregnancy test.

Affinimark’s second product, Prostalent, is being developed to offer similar convenience and accuracy in the diagnosis of early-stage prostate cancer. The current gold standard diagnostic for prostate cancer – the PSA test – produces significant numbers of false results, and therefore invites the development of a more accurate tool. Notwithstanding its shortcomings, the PSA was prescribed over 45 million times in a recent year. This clearly represents significant opportunity in a $2 billion-plus domestic market with a targeted population of over 55 million men.

Other Information
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