Project Description



Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc.

5 Science Park
Suite 13
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 203 772 3430
Fax: 203 567 8073

General Information
Artificial Cell Technologies, Inc. is an early-stage biomedical nanotechnology company founded in 2002 to commercialize applications of a new proprietary technology platform involving designed polypeptides.

Our long term vision is to commercialize biotechnology applications for successively more sophisticated versions of an artificial bionanomachine: the artificial cell. ACT was founded to achieve this artificial cell vision by commercializing biomedical applications of our proprietary polypeptide nanostructure technology platform, starting with one of the simplest of human cells, the red blood cell.

ACT’s technology platform includes proprietary methods for manufacturing custom-designed polypeptide films and microcapsules with controlled, tunable biological, chemical, and physical properties.

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