Project Description



Axerion Therapeutics, Inc.

555 Long Wharf Drive
11th Floor
New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: 203-492-0550


General Information
Axerion Therapeutics, Inc. is a private Connecticut-based biotechnology company focused on developing innovative therapeutics for neurological diseases and injuries with significant unmet medical need, including Alzheimer’s disease and spinal cord injury.

Axerion was established in New Haven to develop and commercialize intellectual property licensed from Dr. Stephen Strittmatter’s laboratory at Yale University. Axerion’s proprietary technology platforms include blockers of ß-amyloid (Aß) oligomers binding to Prion Proteins (PrP) on the cell surface of neurons as a novel therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease and Nogo Receptor decoy protein for recovery of neurological function in spinal cord injury and other neurological diseases.

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