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Cyclica Inc.

Suite 400
326 Adeliade Street West
Toronto, Canada M5V 1R3

Phone: 800-279-6445

Jason Mitakidis – CEO

General Information
Cyclica is a pioneer in the development of next generation in silico drug discovery and testing technologies that leverage integrated biological data to improve pharma R&D productivity. Cyclica’s powerful Ligand Explorer™ platform reduces the failure risk of drug discovery projects by allowing partners and clients to anticipate a drug candidate’s safety profile prior to clinical trials, thereby enabling more informed R&D investment decisions and risk mitigation strategies. Furthermore, the technology allows researchers to overcome expensive project hurdles with data-guided Intelligent Molecular Redesign™. Since incorporation, Cyclica has formed key industry and academic collaborations, developed a unique intellectual property portfolio, and established affiliations with the MaRS Discovery District, Canada’s largest life sciences incubator and the California Institute for Qualitative Biosciences (QB3) accelerator at UCSF in San Francisco.

Research Activities
At present, the company is launching the Ligand Explorer™ platform with comprehensive small molecule capabilities and is actively developing new technology that can be utilized for the data-guided design of peptide binders and macrocycles. This work, in addition the development of pharmacogenomics applications of our existing databases and other capabilities, are being pursued in collaboration with leading research faculty at the University of Toronto and Yale University.

Through multiple industry partners, Cyclica is also pursuing the development of promising medicines for unmet medical needs, which includes treatments for multiple myeloma and HIV that are being optimized using a risk-mitigating, data-guided approach.

Cyclica has also been granted access to one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, IBM’s Blue Gene, to pursue a large-scale drug repositioning study of regulatory approved drugs using the company’s proprietary databases and methodologies. This project is expected to yield new pipeline candidates and produce information rich systems pharmacology data.

Other Information
CT Employees: 2
World Employees: 11

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