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Diagnostic Devices, Inc.

94 Wolcott Road
Simsbury, CT 06070

Phone: 860=651-6583
Fax: 860-735-6384

Rekha Shertukde –

General Information
DDI manufactures and sells sophisticated medical devices that deal with alleviating human suffering related to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) [bio-sock], traumatic accident conditions to the head [trauma cap], peripheral arterial stenoses, of the arteries [bio pedal], full body scan [FLIBDSCAN] and stem-cell identification[hESCAN]. More details can be found on our web site.

Recently DDI won the Company to Watch Award from CT Technology Council. In 2006 DDI won the Best early Stage company at the Cross Roads Competition run by CVG. In 2006 DDI also won the Best Early Stage East company in Wilmington, DE.

DDI is a company that has invented several products and licensed them to prospective investors.

Research Activities

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis [DVT]
  • Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research [hESC]
  • Full Body Scan [FLIRBDSCAN]
  • Besides the above DDI is involved in the diagnostics of Electrical PowerTransformers, Switch Gear, Motors and Generators, aircraft fuselage, bridges, oil tanks etc.

Other Information
Ownership: private
CT Employees: 6
World Employees: 9



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