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Keynote Coaching

78-19 220th Place
Hollis Hills, NY 11364

Phone: 718-454-9475
Fax: 718-454-9476

Rich Tammero, Principal –

General Information
Rich Tammero is the founder, owner and principal of Keynote Coaching. During an accomplished career spanning more than 16 years as a top communications coach, he has worked with hundreds of leading bioscience executives at dozens of organizations all over the world. His detailed guidance and individualized approach consistently help industry experts prepare an improve their presentation skills for investor conferences, road shows and technical panels and their interview skills for broadcast and print media. Keynote Coaching is regarded by industry leaders as the preferred choice in the presentation and interview coaching business. Top executives at private and public organizations rely on Keynote Coaching and its unique approach of individually tailored sessions to provide a significant competitive edge to the communications. Joining extensive bioscience industry knowledge and business experience with expert guidance, the Keynote Coaching approach helps participants develop powerful content, master persuasive style and optimize their own particular abilities.

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