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Nature’s Fingerprint

8 Old Oak Lane
Niantic, CT 06357

Phone: 860-739-1926
Fax: 860-739-3250

Dr. John P. Jasper, Chief Scientific Officer –

General Information
Nature’s Fingerprint / MIT LLC is an intellectual properties’ firm that specializes in the use of natural-abundance stable isotopes in the areas of bio/pharmaceutical product and process authentication. In particular, by the application of our patented approaches in product and process authentication, we can isotopically fingerprint bio/pharmaceutical products to the individual batch and we can protect the process patents of bio/pharmaceutical firm in process patent protection. This work spans three of the major products that we have produced. The fourth product area is discussed below.

Research Activities
Nature’s Fingerprint / MIT LLC has already spanned three product areas, developing from products to processes, from offline to online. We are presently developing continuous online isotope-ratio monitoring of biological- and chemical reactions. For some reactions, all of the components are in place for this approach to be applied. In other case, the proper reactor-to-analyzer interfaces will have to be constructed. The successful application of these methods will bring a new approach (isotope-ratio-monitoring) to bio/pharmaceutical process chemistry.

Other Information
Ownership: private
CT Employees: 1
World Employees: 6

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