Project Description


Phoenix PharmaLabs, Inc.

1753 South 1800 West
Woods Cross, UT 84087

4 Lewis Road
Marlborough, CT 06447

Phone: 860-305-6955

Bill Crossman,  President & CEO:

General Information
Phoenix PharmaLabs, Inc. (PPL) is a preclinical drug discovery company focused on the development of new potent, non-addictive treatments for pain and new therapies for the treatment of opiate addiction. Opioids are the most widely prescribed drugs for moderate to severe pain. However they are plagued by serious side effects, including euphoria (which leads to abuse and addiction), withdrawal, constipation, and death from overdose. More than 2 million Americans are addicted to opioids, and 80% of them initially became addicted after they had been given a prescription opioid for pain relief by a physician. However, PPL has developed a novel family of new opioid molecules that are potent painkillers (10-20x stronger than morphine), but are non-addicting, do not produce withdrawal, do not cause death from overdose (even at 350x dose), and do not cause constipation (even at 100x dose). These results have been confirmed in extensive animal studies that are highly correlated to similar studies in humans. The company is now advancing its lead compound to proof of concept in humans. At or before that point is reached we expect to license the compound to a leading pharmaceutical company that has the resources to effectively market this important drug.

Research Activities
The leading opioid analgesics in use today such as Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Methadone, etc. bind strongly to the mu receptor in the brain and then aggressively agonize that receptor, leading to a number of severe side effects including euphoria (which leads to abuse and addiction), severe withdrawal, constipation, respiratory depression, and death from overdose. Phoenix PharmaLabs (PPL) has developed a novel family of compounds with high binding affinity at all three opiate receptors: mu, kappa and delta. These unique ligands have more balanced receptor activity than other opioids. Consequently they do not stimulate the receptors so intensely that they trigger the negative side effects of any of the receptors. This profile results in first-ever opiate analgesics that appear to be non-addicting and free of all significant dangerous side effects.

The reason that other opioids are addicting is because they produce a euphoric “high”. Without that euphoria, drugs would not be abused and would not be addicting. PPL’s compounds have clearly demonstrated in multiple animal studies that they do not produce either euphoria or dysphoria. Research has shown that there is a very high correlation between these animal studies and studies of abuse and addiction in humans.

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