Project Description



PhoenixSongs Biologicals, Inc.

33 Business Park Drive
Unit 1A
Branford, CT 06405

Phone: 203-433-4329
Fax: 203-208-0664

Marsha Roach, Executive Vice President

General Information
PhoenixSongs is a global life science company dedicated to developing and providing novel stem cell-derived model systems for research and drug discovery. Our stem cell sources include ES cells, iPS cells and stem cells isolated from donor tissues such as liver, brain, biliary tree and umbilical cords. We have a strong IP portfolio and a unique combination of academic expertise with a long history of product development in drug discovery tools. The company was founded by Dr. Lola Reid in 2009 but remained a virtual company until Richard Malavarca and Marsha Roach partnered with Dr. Reid in March, 2012 and set up the laboratory in Branford, CT. PhoenixSongs also has a partnership with the Hamner Institute and Quest Pharmaceutical Services for providing contract research using our stem cell-derived model systems.

Research Activities
Research is focused on product development of a hepatic model using stem cells plated on our IP protected native liver biomatrix that allows the stem cells to differentiate into hepatocytes that can survive and function in culture for many weeks. In addition we have developed a neural model at a scale that is compatible with high throughput screening that enables the production of billions of neural stem cells that differentiate into functional neurons. All stem cell sources are human. In addition to the cellular models we manufacture all media at PhoenixSongs which is sold separately or together with cells in user-friendly kits. We also do custom media formulation and production to our customer’s specification.

Other Information
Ownership: Private
CT Employees: 3
World Employees: 5

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