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5 Chestnut Lane
Woodbridge, CT06525

Phone: 203-500-7060


Can Bruce

General Information

Sciomix offers bioinformatics consultancy on a variety of scientific needs for academic and industrial institutions.

Sciomix’s expertise ranges from analysis of DNA/RNA data of high throughput sequencing technologies to proteomics data of mass spectrometry, using state of the art methods of bioinformatics and biostatistics with ability to process gigabytes of raw data to extract knowledge such as biological pathways, disease specific expression signatures and more, in a publication-suitable format.

The Sciomix team has strong background in both experimental biological sciences and computational work. Based on their clients’ specific scientific hypotheses the team advises on the best experimental approach to follow and, once the data analysis is done, discusses with their clients the implications of the results from a biological perspective. For academic clients, Sciomix also offers assistance in writing bioinformatics sections of grant applications and manuscripts at no charge.

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