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Smpl Bio

1 Technology Drive
Tolland, CT 06066


Rajiv Pande –

General Information
Smpl Bio is a bioinformatics company delivering tools to scientists which greatly simplify biomarker selection, experimental design and analysis for targeted biomarker platforms. The central challenge for any researcher using current platforms is choosing the right biomarkers to include, and deciding how to interpret subsequent results. Smpl Bio’s tools democratize this process, enabling both better science and higher utilization of targeted platforms.

Smpl Bio is a spin out from the University of Connecticut. The seven member founding team represents a well-balanced combination of scientific and business acumen, and is comprised of a committed group of faculty, Ph.D.’s, and experienced private sector partners.

Research Activities:
Biomarkers fuel the personalized medicine revolution, but the discovery and proper utilization of informative biomarkers remains a daunting experimental and statistical challenge. Smpl Bio has developed a powerful discovery and analysis tool that seamlessly integrates with existing next-generation ‘omics platforms to extract informative biomarkers from very large and complex data sets. Smpl Bio addresses the three core challenges of utilizing ‘omics data to advance targeted research and personalized medicine:

1. Smpl Bio extracts highly informative biomarkers from thousands or millions of possible biomarker candidates.
2. Smpl Bio runs an interactive cost benefit analysis of every biomarker panel design, thus allowing the user to tailor any panel to his or her needs.
3. Smpl Bio analyzes experimental data from biomarker panels and can classify samples, discriminate between disease and healthy tissue, or hundreds of similar classification problems.

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