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SystaMedic Inc

1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340

Phone: 860-510-2571

Peter Cornelius

General Information
SystaMedic is a small biotech company located at the Avery Point campus of the University of Connecticut. It is comprised of twelve former Pfizer scientists with an average of 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry with broad expertise in drug discovery and development. SystaMedic provides consultancy services for pharmaceutical & biotech companies in medicinal chemistry, indications discovery, drug metabolism, cardiovascular safety, drug design & synthesis, outsourcing, drug repurposing, and prodrug design.

SystaMedic uses its proprietary data mining algorithm to access information on medicines, diseases, genes to generate fingerprints for identifying “system wide” cause-effect relationships. This approach enables the cross correlations of drug, disease, proteomic, genomic and clinical effect information. This analysis allows optimization of quality of candidates, identification of safety and mechanistic biomarkers, and discovery of novel indications of medicines, particularly for orphan diseases. One application of the fingerprinting technology is the design of drug screening panels for addressing drug safety risks such as QT prolongation. SystaMedic has four R&D programs for generating novel medicines for unmet medical needs. Key exploratory candidates in each of the programs have been synthesized and are being characterized preclinically. These programs are primarily funded by the company’s data mining/analysis & consultancy services.

Research Activities
SystaMedic uses its proprietary data-mining algorithm to access information on medicines, diseases, genes to generate fingerprints highlighting cause-effect relationships. These fingerprints are used to cross correlate drug, disease, proteomic, genomic and clinical effect information. From these analyses, comparisons and predictions can be made which can be used in drug design (optimizing quality of candidates), biomarker identification (for mechanism and safety), indications discovery, early assessment of efficacy & safety issues and repurposing of medicines (orphan diseases). In addition, SystaMedic has four R&D programs. The most advanced is focused on the discovery of tamper resistant opioids with improved side effect profile for the treatment of pain (both via novel opioid prodrugs). The other drug discovery programs include insomnia, fatty liver disease, and epilepsy. In 2013, SystaMedic filed six provisional patents for these programs.

Other Information
CT Employees: 12
World Employees: 12

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