Project Description


The Summit Group, Inc.

124 Brushy Hill Road
Newtown, CT 06470

Phone: 203-426-1858

Crystal Smethurst, Senior Consultant –

General Information
We are a consulting firm that specializes in Performance and Leadership development. As experts in transformation, we consult and coach client organizations committed to elevating the performance of their executives, teams and enterprises as a whole. By employing our proprietary transformational methodology, our clients successfully deal with the demanding, fast-changing, competitive world to achieve the results they seek.

We offer several courses and coaching initiatives that, whether working one-on-one with an executive or with an entire organization, are custom-designed to match our clients’ exact needs. The work is lasting in the difference it makes since it transforms people at the core.

Areas of our work include:

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Designed to significantly impact participants in their ability and capacity to lead and to bring about a fundamental shift in what they see as possible, in themselves, and in the organization. This is a program for midlevel managers and emerging leaders who are moving into an expanded management role and who are seen by the organization as future senior leaders.

TEAM PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGHS: Designed to enable a group of people to significantly impact performance. The program applies to senior level Project Leaders and Managers who are accountable for producing results that are critical to the business.

VISION & STRATEGY: Designed to give access to tomorrow’s opportunities; creating and designing a new future and a pull for the fulfillment of that future. This is a program for senior level executive teams charged with the re-invention of their companies and committed to building an organization that is built to last.

EXECUTIVE COACHING: Our Executive and Leadership Coaching Programs are designed to work with already proven performers who may be currently struggling in a new accountability or who are ready for a breakthrough in their leadership to produce an extraordinary performance with others.

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