Project Description



Therapeutic Research Foundation, Inc.

25 Saltus Drive
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Phone: 860-339-5272
Fax: 860-339-5272

Dorothy Shearer, Professional Liaison

General Information
The Therapeutic Research Foundation (501(c)3) was started in April, 2012 in order to establish a much needed venue for therapeutically beneficial modalities, and further bridge the gap between the laboratory, academia and approval, via necessary research and development (inclusive of re-purposing for new indications). The perspective and mission of the Therapeutic Research Foundation, Inc., a non-profit biotechnology company, is to develop innovative, affordable, and therapeutic medical solutions to address the unmet global health needs of all people.

Research Activities
Research activities include moving safe and efficacious medicines, devices and aids ‘off the shelf’ in order to meet unmet healthcare needs of the people who need them most. With over 2 billion people lacking medicines/ devices/ aids for treatable diseases and 14 million people dying annually from infectious disease, there is an undeniable need for increased access to appropriate therapies. Therapeutic Research Foundation (TRF) is one of the only non-profit biotechnology companies in the US. TRF will develop therapies at cost and sold at a cost which provides benefit and increased accessibility by the people while assuring self-sustainment of the foundation.

Other Information
Ownership: Private
CT Employees: 3
World Employees: 3

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