Project Description


Zcience Solutions, LLC

1224 Mill St., Bld B
East Berlin, CT 06023

Phone: 860-348-8924
Fax: 860-828-2004

Mike Zammett, M.S. – Owner/Bio-Consultant

General Information
Zcience Solutions, LLC is a bio-consulting company that focuses on infectious disease and biological hazard prevention and education. Utilizing the principles of bio-safety, -defense, and –security, we are able to identify current or potential biological hazards for a variety of applications, and to then provide solutions to combat such issues. By applying our expertise and acquired research, we are able to provide necessary services to aid the public and personal health sectors.

Research Activities
Zcience Solutions scrutinizes the fields of bio science, medical science, epidemiology, and biotechnology to identify current health threats, future health threats (such as emerging infectious disease and bioterrorism), and innovative solutions. Currently, we are working on a “Cost Per Cold Analysis” which highlights the monetary costs associated with a viral infection that manifests a “cold.”

In the future, we plan to establish a research laboratory to expand upon personal and public ideas and innovative topics.

Other Information
Ownership: Private
CT Employees: 1
World Employees: 1

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