To seize the commanding heights of biological and health industry development and foster a new global competitive advantage, in September 2015 23-25, Shenzhen held an international BT Summit (here in after referred to as the “BT summit”),a Life and Health Industry exhibition.

The BT leaders’ summit was sponsored by the Shenzhen municipal government, the United States global biotechnology industry organization (here in after referred to as “BIO”), China’s International Chamber of Commerce, and the China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association. Their purpose was to support the development of a green economy and to create a better life for the  theme by having a combination of well-known experts, such as Dr. Carl June and Dr. Peter Farina from Academic and Industry,  to promote the rapid development of biotechnology and industry.

CURE/CHINA, HLK Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and Nanjing University Shenzhen Research Institute jointly participated in the September 23-25 Exhibition organized by the BIO / Life health industry exhibition, and showed an exhibit of CURE/CHINA at the summit.


CURE co-chair Dr. Peter Farina, HLK Biotechnology Co., Ltd. General Manager and CURE/CHINA representative, Ms. Jun Xu, and HLK chief scientific officer Dr. Wang Zeren Wang were invited to attended the opening in the morning of September 23, held in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall. Dr. Peter Farina and Dr. Zeren Wang gave presentations at the “innovation of pharmaceutical Industry and drug development”.

In addition, Dr. Peter Farina, as the key speaker, was invited to present at the event, which is sponsored by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council, on “China Bio Pharmaceutical industry investment forum”.


The representative of CURE/CHINA, Jun Xu also introduced CURE/CHINA to the audience.


There are selected total of more than 30 enterprises, more than 50 business representatives, and 3 news media conferences attended. At the successful conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Farina and a number of enterprises carried out friendly exchanges.