Mona S. Jhaveri, Ph.D., who is executive director of Sound Affects, tells CURE:

“Sound Affects is a new non-profit organization, aiming to disrupt how the war on cancer is fought and financed. We have established our own donation based crowdfunding platform featuring fully vetted bio-entrepreneurs actively working towards cures. Sound Affects empowers anyone interested in accelerating the rate of cancer treatment development to become part of future breakthroughs by directly supporting the work of our hand-picked bio-entrepreneurs.

“Our mission is to dramatically improve cancer care and survival by empowering individuals to influence the future landscape of cancer-fighting treatments. Our goal is to increase promising treatments in the pipeline by providing funds to bio-entrepreneurs translating research into groundbreaking cancer solutions.

“We strategically partner with celebrity and amateur musical artists to promote our mission. Music is our metaphorical torch. When you make a contribution to a cancer-fighting campaign, we pass your “earmarked” dollar to your chosen campaign as a charitable grant. You receive updates and rewards from the bio-entrepreneurs and our partnering musical artists. Most importantly, donors will actively contribute to a movement of generating real change in the war against cancer.”

Check out the new website at and the kickoff cocktail gala June 25.