Monday, May 12
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

The Grove
76 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT

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SystaMedic is a member of  the Technology Incubator Program at UConn. Using drug effects/disease symptoms as the starting point, SystaMedic’s prediction platform addresses complexities of the biological system. This unique approach utilizes public and proprietary databases developed by SystaMedic and provides systems-based, cause-effect relationships (e.g., drug-effects, target-effects).

At this Clubhouse event, Bob Volkmann, PhD, Director of Chemistry of SystaMedic Inc., will share details on the prediction platform and how it uses these relationships and its core expertise in medicinal chemistry (indications discovery, drug metabolism, cardiovascular safety, drug repurposing and prodrug design) to mitigate risks and identify opportunities in drug discovery.

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