BioCT Leadership & Board of Directors

The BioCT Board of Directors brings industry expertise, advice, and support to the Connecticut bioscience community. This team looks forward to serving as strategic mentors, advisors and contacts available to the companies and individuals who comprise the BioCT membership.

Dawn Hocevar
Dawn HocevarPresident & CEO, BioCT
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Peter Farina, Ph.D.
Peter Farina, Ph.D.Co-Chair
Executive in Residence, New York Corridor, Canaan Partners
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Frank J. Marco, J.D.
Frank J. Marco, J.D.Secretary
Partner, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
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Stanley Choy, M.B.A.
Stanley Choy, M.B.A.Co-Chair & Treasurer
Bioscience Entrepreneur
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BioCT Board of Directors

Todd E. Arnold, Ph.D., Chief Laboratory Operations Officer, Sema4. View Bio >

Robert Bettigole, MPPM, Managing Partner, Elm Street Ventures. View Bio>

John Burkhardt, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Drug Safety Research and Development, Groton Labs Site Director, Pfizer. View Bio>

Stanley Choy, M.B.A., Bioscience Entrepreneur. View Bio >

Erin Duffy, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Melinta Therapeutics. View Bio >

Peter R. Farina, Ph.D., Executive in Residence, New York Corridor, Canaan Partners. View Bio >

Dawn Hocevar, President & CEO, CURE. View Bio >

John G. Houston, Ph.D., President & CEO, Arvinas. View Bio >

Richard Jacob, M.A., Associate Vice President for Federal Relations, Yale University. View Bio >

Frank J. Marco, J.D., Special Counsel, Wiggin and Dana, LLP. View Bio >

Anthony D. Sabatelli, Ph.D., J.D., Partner, Dilworth IP. View Bio >

David I. Scheer, President, Scheer and Company. View Bio >

Elizabeth Sullivan, M.S., Senior Director, R & D Operations, Alexion. View Bio >

Eleanor L. Tandler, Entrepreneurial Mentor. View Bio >

Lawrence Weiss, J.D., Vice President and Chief Counsel, Minimally Invasive Therapies Group. View Bio >

Andrew Zehner, J.D., Prior Associate Vice President for Research, Technology Commercialization and Industrial Relations at the University of Connecticut. View Bio >

CURE Board of Directors, Chair Emeriti

Kevin Rakin, Co-Founder, HighCape Partners. View Bio >

David W. Keiser, View Bio >

CURE Board of Directors, Director Emeritus

Harry H. Penner, Jr., LL.M., Executive Chair, New Haven Pharmaceuticals. View Bio >

CURE Past President & CEO

Susan Froshauer, Ph.D., Past President & CEO, CURE. View Bio >