Why every biotech company needs a video production strategy

The best scie­nce of this century will succeed only to the extent that its value, method, and process are communicated clearly to those who would embrace it.

We live in a world of visual learners who expect a video play button on every website they visit. All biotech companies have complex concepts to communicate, but doing so can be a daunting and convoluted task. Product overviews, customer interviews, protocol workflows, and topic expert presentations are equally important components of the overall message. Video production offers a cost-effective, easily distributed, and universally accepted means by which every size company can present such components with a compelling voice. Video production levels the playing field, but only for those who participate.

Building a video production strategy

Developing a solid strategy for video should begin with a list of objectives:

The objectives for your company’s use of video may or may not directly align with the list above; the goal is to establish a video strategy that clearly explains your technology, science, products and direction in a way your audience can comfortably digest.

Keeping your audience in mind

For many biotech companies a target audience will include PhDs, scientists, bioinformatics experts, engineers, investors and potential collaborators. Often overlooked is the ancillary sector of an audience built-in to today’s global structure. Given the ubiquitous reach of a web-based video, consider secondary sectors of the audience as a critical part of your strategy. Once published, a well-produced biotech video can speak a slightly different message to different viewers. The ability of one video to speak intentionally to different audiences is a valuable strength that video possesses. Because it is being viewed by a society of television watching, iPhone using, moviegoers, who find it a natural experience to watch video, your message will be well received. But how do we achieve content that speaks clearly and appropriately to several diverse and different audiences at the same time? Imagine a large auditorium filled with people; half of those people are PhDs and the other half are children of the PhDs – all senior high school students. When you write your content, do so in a way that neither bores the PhD nor overly confuses the student. Empower the student to ask informed questions while delivering a clear yet undiluted message to the PhD. Do this of course with your main audience in mind but do not lose track of the students.

The value of early collaboration with a production company

Collaborating with a video production company early in the planning process is essential. An experienced film producer can comment in detail on what it takes to transform your list of objectives into finished videos. Including producers at an early stage allows them more time for familiarization with your product and technology while adding little or no cost to the project. Those early conversations with the producer will allow you to evaluate his or her ability to work with your product and technology. It will also allow the producer to present informed ideas and to offer direction that may help define the overall scope. Early collaboration defines a project in ways that cut cost, save time, and avoid missteps. Find a video producer who has experience in your field, an interest in your technology, and ideas that you like.

If you are not currently implementing video as a strategic part of your corporate communication plan, the time to start is now. Using video positions your company to deliver its message clearly and to a wide audience of receptive viewers. Like every other communication wrapper before it however, video is only as good as its content. What sets video apart is this; if the content is strong, and the video is well produced, your message will go farther than by any other means. Video can pull a viewer in, engage that viewer to a specific message, and present information in a way that can be remembered. If not remembered, information is fleeting, and outcomes are unchanged. Find a producer you can work with and trust to carry your message to your audience in a way that informs, entertains and educates.

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By Frank Blackwell | | Linkedin | 203- 208-2838