BioCT links the life and healthcare sciences community in Connecticut to help identify and retain talent and to exploit new technology and innovation. We facilitate the build of a diverse understory of new companies to contribute to the economic strength of Connecticut and improve our quality of life.

While it is critical that the BioCT cluster is supported by very large companies and institutions, such as BioCT’s Legacy Partners — Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Yale and the University of Connecticut — we also seek to include all new start-up companies in our cluster and to add more. We spend time encouraging and mentoring, solving problems, finding funding and linking together our entrepreneurs and our population of small companies. BioCT seeks to construct a vibrant bioscience community, hoping to ensure a wealth of bioscience jobs, places to capture innovative ideas, interested investors and expertise.

BioCT’s activities relating to entrepreneurship include: BioHaven, BioScience ClubhouseCT, one-on-one mentoring, SECT Tech, the CURE Innovation Commons and most important, CONNECTING.